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Language Classes

We are organizing German classes that we will teach; this will allow for us to interact with the women around us and teach them the German we know as well as improve German in the process.  

Self Defense Class

In partnership with the Martial arts team on campus we plan to have self-defence courses. Depending on Corona regulations these may take place in person or in the form of recordings that will then be uploaded on the website.  

Pad Drive


Our members did the pad drive for a week inside Jacobs University Bremen to fundraise for purposes of menstrual hygiene and awareness. We also collected a few sanitary items such as pads and tampons, which were meant to be given to the women in shelters. The pad drive went well, and we got both monetary donations as well as material donations (pads+tampons) 

Future Prospects

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We want to work more towards this purpose so we're teaming up with another CIP(Community Impact Project) called Menstrual Mission. Together, we're going to come up with resources for menstrual and vaginal health, sanitation, and workshops for the women at the refugee centre 

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